The Shadow That Was

Legend tells of a great darkness that once roamed the land, a living shadow that warped the minds and hearts of any who came within it’s grasp. The darkness hungered for something that it knew not what, and so it simply devoured everything in it’s path. Until three men, the last of an ancient order, trapped it, how they managed this feat was either never known, or lost to time.

The Shadow That Is

Now, centuries later, the dark shadow has broken free of it’s prison, and is once again bent on devouring the world. There is but one hope, to find the means to trap it once again, but to do so might mean the death of all involved. Who could be brave enough to take on the challenge? Who would be suicidal enough to try?

The Light of Dawn

A message is sent out across the lands, a message of desperation and hope. It asks that any soul brave enough, should come to the gates of Castle Emberstill, that they may compete in a challenge that will determine the True Hero who will defeat the darkness.